How do you tie a tie knot step by step?

The most used tie knot of all, is the simple knot, since by its simple form to make and because it combines with almost all the necks of shirts, it is the perfect knot for all type of men. And it is made in the following way

1. We must place the tie under the collar of the shirt.
2. Put the thin part over the thick part that is a little bit under the collar.
3. You fold the thick part over the thin one.
4. Then put the thick part behind the tie, placing your finger in the knot, and then put the thick part inside the knot.
5. Gently slide and pull the thick part of the tie, to adjust the knot.

How to make the Eldredge tie knot step by step?

It is one of the most elegant, eye-catching and complex tie knots. These are the instructions for making this knot:
1. To make this knot we must only use the thin end that must go on the right side.
2. Pass the small end over it to the left.
3. Then underneath the thick one towards the right.
4. You will take it to the center and up.
5. Pass it through the neck loop and to the left.
6. You will carry it to the right side, then into the loop at the bottom.
7. Then carry it out on the left side, then behind the thick end. Leaving a bit of slack.
8. Now bring it forward and enter the loop previously made
9. Pull to tighten.
10. Pass it to the center and left.
11. You will take it to the center and right. Do not squeeze it yet.
12. Take the small end to the left between the previously made loop.
13. Pull to tighten.
14. Place the rest of the small end behind the loop to the left side.
15. Tighten a little and that’s it.

What are the types of tie knots?

There are many types of tie knots in the world, but there are always a few that stand out from the rest and are also the most used, either because of their simplicity or because of their elegance. Here I leave you 5 types of knots:

– The classic knot: the American knot.
– The double knot.
– The knot four in hand.
– The knot windsor.
– The small knot.

What is the most elegant tie knot in the world?

The most elegant of all tie knots is the Four Hand Knot, which is named after a gentlemen’s club that existed in the 19th century and is considered the king of all tie knots. It is characterized by its simplicity in making it, of little thickness and somewhat asymmetrical.

How to make the knot of a tie?

It is as simple to make the knot of a tie as it is to tie the cords of your shoe, only that you will make it to a tie that you have in your neck. These are the steps:

1. Put the tie on and the right side should be approximately 4 cm longer.
2. Cross the longest one over the short one, tie a knot and tighten it.
3. Bend the short end over itself.
4. Pass the long end over the doubles mentioned above and separate it a little.
5. Put the end that is hanging and squeeze it by pulling it to the side.

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