How is copper sulfate used?

Copper sulfate can be seen as a compound that is solid and has a white color tone. On the other hand, it can also be appreciated as a blue tone, in this case, it can also be called blue vitriol. Basically, it serves as an extraordinary cleaner, which is wonderful in cases of industrial demand, specifically for swimming pools.

What is copper sulfate and what is it used for?

Without a doubt, copper sulfate has multiple uses, mainly, it is implemented for the cleaning of swimming pools that should be left except for fungi and bacteria that can be strong. It can also be used as part of a supplement that is food for animals.

Copper sulfate is also used in medicine, but it has to be given with great care and with a doctor’s prescription. It can also be used for deficiencies related to agriculture. As you can see, there are many uses for this type of compound.

How dangerous is copper sulfate?

Like many other compounds, it is essential that copper sulfate is handled with the best of care, since its misuse can lead to some kind of toxicity problem. In some cases, the misuse of this compound can generate problems that are related to the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal and more.

In the case of being used to eradicate fungi and bacteria, we must be very careful because if it is placed in excess it can also generate skin problems, especially in children. Always consult a specialist about its use.

What happens when copper sulfate is mixed with water?

The reaction that occurs when copper sulfate is mixed with water in a container is somewhat strange. Basically, we can appreciate that when the copper sulfate is dissolved, this mixture becomes a blue color. Although this happens, all the compounds still maintain their properties.

If this mixture is placed in a space that is hot or that you stick the heat, we can appreciate that the particles of copper sulfate will be at the bottom. This occurs at the moment when the water is already completely evaporated from the container.

How is copper sulfate used in swimming pools?

As it has been said, mostly, copper sulfate is a solid compound that is used to deeply clean swimming pools and spaces of this type. For this, it is necessary to consult with specialists, so that the amount that can be used can be determined.

In general, the recommendation has to do with the possibility of binding 20mg of this solid compound in a liter of water and with this it will be that the pool will be cleaned, later, the best thing we can do is to clean very well the whole area.

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