How should a tie be worn?

The tie is not like many people think it is just an ornament, and it has very specific rules on how to use it without embarrassing yourself or making a fool of yourself. This is very important since very few people pay the real attention this deserves. You can say that there are 7 fundamental rules:

1. The maximum length is the waist. This also depends on the size of the suit since if it is short the longest the tie can be worn is above the navel.
2. You must take into account that if the lapel of your jacket is thick, the tie will be the same. We can say that an ideal size is 5 centimeters.
3. The size of the knot is the key, you have to pay attention to the size that is between the flaps of your shirt. We recommend you to use the tie a little bit loose, because if you have it too tight after a few hours you will start to suffer.
4. Combine the tie with the shirt, for example, if the shirt is striped the tie should be smooth and vice versa. You must also take into account that if the shirt’s lapels are big you must use a big tie, or if they are small the small tie.
5. Match it with a handkerchief.
6. You can use 3 types, plain for formal occasions, stitches to look subtle and sober and with logos to give you a casual touch.
7. The buttons on the shirt are not visible.

How do you fix a tie?

The tie can be fixed in many ways and forms, it all depends on how you want it, as long as you do it the right way and follow these steps:

1. Put the tie around the neck of the shirt.
2. The thin end over the thick end, taking into account that the thin end cannot be too long, should be approximately a quarter of the way up the collar.
3. Then you must overlay the thick end over the thin end.
4. After that, take the thick end behind the tie, and introduce it in the knot that is created.
5. Subtly slide and pull to tighten the knot.

Why can’t you use a tie?

According to researches carried out, it has been shown that ties should not be used, since this is harmful to health. It was confirmed that the tie exerts pressure on the neck veins, which decreases by 7.5% the flow of blood to the brain, thus affecting the cognitive capacity.

In that sense, it can be said that such a decrease in blood flow to the brain will not affect it in a serious or harmful way, it will only reduce the cognitive abilities of the wearer of the tie.

How to wear a suit without a tie?

The stigmas of fashion have changed much more than we thought, and now it is possible to use a suit without a tie, since the tie is being left out of current contexts. We leave you some tips so you know the right way to use it:

– You must know how to choose the suit.
– Choose the perfect shirt.
– Use a handkerchief.
– Wear shoes with style.

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