What is Cisco used for?

Cisco modules were created in 1984, grew and were acquired by many companies. In 2003-2005, it made two major acquisitions: Scientific Atlanta and Linksys. Currently, this American company has its stationary branches in 75 countries around the world. Read more: Cisco Buyers

These modules are related, among other things, to wireless connectivity, security or the Internet of Things. A module can be defined as a separate entity that contains different content and can perform functions. It is extremely important in the field of structured and object-oriented programming. Cisco modules are also used as computer programs. These are improved every year, thanks to which we have access to the new and latest models on the market

What are all the services at Cisco?

You could say that there is a before and after Cisco for large companies almost everywhere in the world. Among the most interesting or important services of this company, we have

  • Protection against cyber-crime. Not only against hackers, they also offer internal protection for the company.
  • Programs to facilitate work from home. We are not talking about simple software that allows you to open a worksheet at home. They are complete programs, with which an employee can instantly connect to his or her supervisor, colleagues or to a conference room in the company to present an advance of interest.
  • Programs for monitoring work. With these programs, the progress of a plan can be verified and even have direct access to each change in delegated jobs. It works both so that a superior can monitor workers in the company, as well as to follow up on employees in different assigned spaces.

What are Cisco’s products?

Cisco offers countless products to companies all over the world. Its massive presence in the market is due to the great diversity of areas it covers, apart from the quality of those products and services.
Among other products, we highlight: Network support systems, including servers for the company itself, wireless network systems, with the ability to monitor the use and control each connection space remotely. Complete security systems, including firewalls, security accesses, cloud security, multi-factor authentication services and even special products for the protection of the company’s emails.

What is a Cisco Technician?

Students from careers such as computer science, programming, and network specialists from many countries often show a special interest in Cisco technician training. The reason is that this preparation involves training in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), following a training program that allows the technician to provide specialized service to companies internationally.

There are certifications and training as Cisco technicians, in the case of the latter, a professional of this type can both install communication networks and detect problems, repair them, solve saturation or failure in data transmission, among other high-level skills.

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